Pruning Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the most common things to grow in a household garden. They quickly grow and often seem to take over the garden. I have encountered this many times, so I have learned the best way to tame your tomatoes.

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One of the first things you will observe as your tomatoes begin to grow is that they need something to keep them off the ground in order to grow straight. You can use a trellis or a stake to serve as a vertical support to the plant. My grandmother always used old tobacco sticks as supports. She would place the stake in the ground about three inches from the base of the tomato plant, and then she would use twine to tie the plant to the stake. Trellis supports are more effective for keeping your tomatoes contained, but stakes  will get the job done too. It just depends on your preference.

Pruning is all about knowing where to cut on the tomato plant. The purpose of pruning isImage result for pruning tomato plants

to create better air flow in the plant as well as concentrate more energy and nutrients to the fruit. Pruning the parts of the plant called ‘suckers’ helps direct more attention to useful parts of the plant. The key is to keep the lowest blossoming fruit on the plant and remove several of the little other suckers around it. Be careful not to become overzealous while pruning. Remember, you can always come back and prune more the next day. The other part of the tomato I make sure to remove are any leaves touching the ground. Leaves that reach the ground are dangerous since they can easily become vessels for pests and disease. It is best they are pruned quickly.

Pruning will help ripen your tomatoes and increase the quality of your harvest. Be sure to investigate further into tomato plant anatomy and pruning. Find out what works best for the tomato plants in your garden.

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